April 20, 2016

Cobra Legal Solutions Wins the First-Ever ACEDS Award for Service Provider of the Year

The Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists (ACEDS) has recognized Cobra Legal Solutions LLC as the inaugural winner of the ACEDS Service Provider of the Year award. John Douglas, Cobra’s founder, was present to accept the award at the ACEDS 2016 eDiscovery Conference & Exhibition in New York City.

With this award, ACEDS recognizes that Cobra Legal Solutions is a leading provider in the e-discovery marketplace who has demonstrated an outstanding level of service to its clients. Cobra offers a complete range of services that covers all of the EDRM. Additionally, Cobra has developed its own Proprietary Dashboard. CobraPulse™ generates real time metrics for every attorney on your project, allowing more strategically allocated man-hours and more informed budget considerations. Blended rates? Capped fees? Where can we cut costs without affecting quality? The transparency of CobraPulse™ makes the answer obvious.

Candice Hunter Corby

"By qualifying to win this award, Cobra has proven that it understands the value that each member of its team brings to delivering quality legal services to its clients. Cobra has two certified ACEDS members on its US team. Lee Holcomb and Laura Ewing-Pearle," said Candice Hunter Corby, Chief Executive Officer of Cobra.

Lee Holcomb

Lee Holcomb is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Cobra Legal Solutions. Lee has been with Cobra since 2010 when she started working with the team in Chennai, India. She is a member of The Sedona Conference Working Group 1 (Electronic Document Retention and Production), Working Group 6 (International Electronic Information Management, Discovery and Disclosure) and Working Group 11(Data Security and Privacy Liability).

Laura Ewing Pearle

Laura Ewing-Pearle Laura Ewing-Pearle is the Assistant Director of Client Services. A 10-year veteran of all three sides of the eDiscovery triangle, Laura has been with Cobra for three years working primarily with technology and best practices in eDiscovery. She presents CLEs on legal ethics and technology in various states, including Texas, Georgia, Virginia, and Illinois.

Cobra Legal Solutions is a leader in the legal support services industry.

The scope of our services encompasses the full spectrum of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). By utilizing ISO-certified processes, procedures and controls, and by harnessing the best litigation technology available, our team is able to deliver services and products with a commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and value. Excellence guides all of our systems, and quality is embedded at every step of our operation. Cobra’s all-attorney team ensures top-quality results. U.S. lawyers with U.S. training and experience supervise the legal team and interface with clients and outside counsel to provide seamless and savvy customer service. Our attorneys are ready to add value to your next project.

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